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Guru lineage

  1. Sri Katambari Baba, Siddha Peetham, Himalayas.
  2. Sri Ghanashyamananda Natha Saraswati, Siddha Peetham, Himalayas
  3. Sri Rajarajeswarananda Natha Saraswati, Siddha Peetham, Himalayas
  4. Sri Kalyanananda Bharathi Theertha, Bhadrakali Peetham, Hardwar
  5. Sri Svaprakashananda Theertha Avadhuta, Anakapalli
  6. Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati, Sahasrakshi Peetham, Devipuram
  7. Sri Amritanandha Natha, Amrita Nilayam, Gowravaram

Sri Amritananda Natha

Sri Amritananda Natha Guruji was born on the morning of 19th September 1974 on Vinayaka Chaturthi to Srimati Korishapati Haimavatamma and Sri Tirupati Reddy in Gowravaram village, Kavali Mandal, Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh. His Childhood and adolescence passed very happily. He would focus on the studies, spent rest of the time with his friends. Courage and leadership qualities were inculcated from childhood itself. He used to lead his friends as a leader in the class and later as a school leader. Except when he was with his friends, rest of the time he has been in the silence. He was not able to realize that how he spent hours and days without having any thoughts in the mind. After he has grown up and met with his guru, then only he realized that he was in a silence state. Always he used to get the information about the Guru's and Himalayan Yogis. When he was in Hyderabad one of his friends gave him a book "Sri Guru Charitra". He started parayanam recitation of Sri Guru Charitra, when he has completed the 16 times of parayana.

Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati

Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswathi (Dr.N. Prahalad Sastry) was born on 1934 in Visakhapatnam, the first child of Sri Narasimha Rao and Srimati Lakshminarasamma. Guruji, as he is referred to, started his spiritual quest at a very young    age. Blessed with divine experiences early in his childhood, his young mind was teeming with questions, searching for    the truth. The stage was set for his spiritual inclination that was to intensify later in life. He received Srividya Dhiksha from Sri Swaprakashananda Natha tirtha Avadhutha of Anakapalli. And he was showered with the Grace of Devi Saraswathi and given the dhiksha name of Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswathi. Guruji had visions of the Devi as a sixteen-year-old girl. With her blessings, he built the Kamakhya Peetam on the hillock and a Siva temple on the peak, in 1984. Construction of the Sri Meru Nilaya in Devipuram was started in 1985. Built covering an area of 108 square feet (10.0 m2), the temple has three levels and stands 54 feet (16 m) tall. The temple has the idols of all the Devis described in the Devi Khadgamala stotra. The temple construction was completed in 1994 and the kumbhabhishekam celebrated with great pomp and piety. This temple is unique in allowing the devotees to perform puja to the Devi themselves, without distinction of caste or creed. Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati left his mortal presence in October 2015.

Sri Svaprakashananda

Srilasri Swaprakasananda theertha avadhootha was born in 1915 in a small village, Vidurbarthi in Andhra Pradesh. Hailing from the Dattatreya lineage, Sri Swaprakasananda had not received any formal education, yet with the Mother's Blessings, has vast knowledge of the Vedas and Sastras and is well versed in Sanskrit. Sri Gurugaru came in contact with some of India's finest spiritual gurus during his twentieth year. He received Dhiksha from Sri Poornananda Yogi, a disciple of the Tibetan guru, Maru Maharishi. He was introduced to Srividya Upasana by Sri Kesari Kameswara Rao of the Madhvacharya sampradaya. In his 32nd year, Sri Gurugaru received Dhiksha in the mahavidyas of Sri Rajarajeswari, Vanadurga and Saptasathi Chandi. He attained dhiksha from Sri Gnana Nanda Saraswathi of Anakapalli. He travelled the length and breadth of India to enhance his spiritual knowledge. By the time he was 40 years old, he had mastered the 64 tantras, from Orissa and Rajahmundry. At 43, he had learnt 70 million mantras from the teachings of 18 peetams and many gurus. He spent a few years in Kasi contemplating and analysing the source of the mantras he had learnt. He was greatly aided by Sri Dakshinamurthi Paramahamsa of Lalitha Nagar, Vishakhapatnam. In addition to the siddhis he had already received, he became a Vedic scholar at the age of 58 with the grace of Chintamani Mahavidyeswari. By 1980, in his 65th year, Sri Gurugaru felt the urge to renounce the material world and take upsanyas. To this end, he travelled to the Sri Bhadrakali Mahapeetam at Haridwar’s Saptarishi Sarovar. Sannyasa dhiksha was showered on him by Srilasri Kalyanananda Bharathi theertha Maharaj. Years later, with his Guru's blessings, Sri Gurugaru took up the Avadhootha Ashrama. Sri Gurugaru attained Maha Samathy on Guru Poornima Day year 2002.

Sri Kalyanananda Bharathi Theertha

Originally from Andhra Pradesh, South India, was initiated into Sri Vidya Upasana around 1945 by his guru Sri Rajarajeshwarananda Natha. In addition to Telugu, he was very fluent in the Hindi and English languages. He settled down at Haridwar, a city about 200 kilometres north of Delhi, on the banks of the Ganges River. He did the installation of the Bhadrakali Peetham at the Sapta Rishi Sarovar, at Haridwar. Kalyananda Tirtha left his mortal presence in 1998 or so.