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Sri Bala Tripura Sundari

Bala has originated from the Mother Lalitha Tripura Sundari’s heart. Mind, intellect, will and pride are under the control of Bala. Even though she looks like a little girl, manifests herself as Anga devata of Devi Lalita and carries out her job by spreading the knowledge of Sri Vidya to the entire world. Bala is the symbol of a holy divine energy. Just by thinking of her name in mind, we are blessed.

Bhandasura had 30 sons and he sent all of them in to battle. Knowing that Bhandasura's sons had entered the battlefield, Bala Tripura Sundari requested mother Lalitha to give her permission to face them. Initially Mother Lalitha refused, but then she was unable to deny because of her daughter's enthusiasm and she agreed. Bala sat in a chariot called "Karni", driven by one hundred swans. Shyamala and Varahi stood as bodyguards as bala left for the battlefield. Everyone was amazed to see the fierce fight of Bala with the sons of Bhandasura. Bala devi had killed all 30 sons of Bhandasura simultaneously and by seeing the battle of bala, Mother Lalitha hugged her with joy.

Although Bala looks like a little girl, the energy of Bala is same as Mother Lalitha

**** We will know more about her while doing the Bala Sadhana. ****