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Sri Raja Shyamala Devi

Syamala devi is the minister of the Mother Lalitha and she originated from the Mother Lalitha’s intellect power. she stands on the right hand side of the Mother Lalitha  holding a Parrot and a Veena in her hands. Shyamala devi is nothing but the cognitive power of the Mother Lalitha.

Mother Lalitha has designed two chakras from the Sri Chakra and given one to Shyamala Devi and  another one to Varahi Devi. The name of the chakra given to Shyamala Devi by mother  Lalitha is "Geya chakram". The Mother Lalitha had put her ring on to the Shyamala Devi’s finger and proclaimed as a minister of her kingdom. Shyamala devi is the minister of Mother Lalitha in Srividya and also she worships as "Maatangi" in the 9th Mahavidya among Dasha Mahavidya’s.

Shyamala devi’s “Geya chakram” has seven premises. With her precinct deities Shyamala Devi always rules us.

Shyamaladevi Angadevatas:

Angadevata: Laghu shyamala devi

Upanga Devata: Vagvadini devi

Pratyanga Deva: Nakuleshwari devi

**** We will know more about her while doing the Sri Raja Shyamala Sadhana. ****