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Sri Maha Varahi Devi

Varahi is the Commander-in-chief of Mother Lalita devi. She originated from the Kriya Shakti (the energy of action) of Mother Lalita Devi. She stands on the left hand side of the Mother Lalitha. Mother Lalitha had bestowed Varahi devi with a plough (halam) and a pestle (musalam) from her Agna chakra (the third eye chakra) and proclaimed as her Commander-in-chief. Varaahi devi is the Kriya Shakti (the action energy) of Mother Lalitha devi.

Varahi devi has a face of a boar, eyes as a petals of lotus, holds a plough, a pestle, a conch, a holy discus, an elephant goad and a noose with her hands. She shows Abhaya mudra (gesture of fearlessness) and Varada mudra (gesture of dispensing of boons) with the remaining two hands. Varahi has a plumped breasts, she wears red colored clothes shines with boundless compassion. The power of Mother Lalitha devi that commands the world is Varahi devi. She also be worshipped as as a fifth deity in the Ashta Matrikas, hence it is called "Panchami"

Mother Lalitha has designed two chakras from the Sri Chakra and given one to Shyamala Devi and  another one to Varahi Devi. The name of the chakra given to Varahi Devi by Mother Lalitha devi is "Kiri Chakram". Kiri Chakra has five premises. With her precincts deities, Varahi Devi always protecting us.

Sri Maha Varahi Dvadasa names :

1) Panchami, 2) Dandanatha, 3) Sanketa, 4) Samayeshwari, 5) Samayasanketa, 6) Varahi, 7) Potrini, 8) Shivaa, 9) Vartali, 10) Mahasena, 11) Ajnachakreshwari, 12) Arighni

Angadevatas of Varahi Devi :

Angadevata : Laghu Varahi devi

Upanga Devata : Swapna Varahi devi

Pratyanga Devata : Tiraskarini Devi

**** We will know more about her while doing the Sri Maha Varahi Sadhana. ****.