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About Guruji

Amritananda Natha

Sri Amritananda Natha Guruji was born on the morning of 19th September 1974 on Vinayaka Chaturthi to Srimati Korishapati Haimavatamma and Sri Tirupati Reddy in Gowravaram village, Kavali Mandal, Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh. His Childhood and adolescence passed very happily. He would focus on the studies, spent rest of the time with his friends. Courage and leadership qualities were inculcated from childhood itself. He used to lead his friends as a leader in the class and later as a school leader. Except when he was with his friends, rest of the time he has been in the silence. He was not able to realize that how he spent hours and days without having any thoughts in the mind. After he has grown up and met with his guru, then only he realized that he was in a silence state. Always he used to get the information about the Guru's and Himalayan Yogis. When he was in Hyderabad one of his friends gave him a book "Sri Guru Charitra". He started parayanam recitation of Sri Guru Charitra, when he has completed the 16 times of parayana.

Sri Rama yogi guruji arrived in his life. He received diksha from Sri Rama Yogi guruji on 2006 at Magha Pournami. He learned many more raja yoga techniques from his guruji. One day Guruji given the Lalitha Sahasranama sloka 'Antar-mukha-samaradhya’, 'Bahir-mukha-sudurlabha’. Guruji Rama yogi many times told, I boarded a passenger train and it took me a life time to reach God, the express train you board will reach God quickly, you will bring many people to their destination, carefully bring them all together. Guruji Sri Rama Yogi attained Maha Samathy on 18th January 2011.

In 2012 first day of Sharad Navaratri, he received diksha from Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswathi of Devipuram. He learned many rituals and techniques of Sri vidya sadhana, while practicing one day he went Devipuram for guruji darshan, at that night 2: 20a.m in Devipuram, he hered mother goddess voice.

Now I am changing your name….......

Mother goddess called, "Amrita”.

This matter was discussed with guruji, he told to him mother goddess is given my name to you. Then guruji called same name as “Amrita” for three times. Guruji told, by today onwards your name looks like me. Later he got more visions and experiences about Mother Goddess. By practicing his sadhana he is getting the more inner silence.

"Let us join our hands together and move forward and change the world as Amrita Nilayam".

About Guruji

Sri Rama Yogi Guruji

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