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Sri Lalitha Tripura Sundari

Agastya had asked Hayagriva to tell Lalita Devi's Birth story which could simultaneously grant Bhoga (luxuries) and Moksha (liberation from rebirth). Hayagriva then begin to tell the story.

Agastya! In the past, Sati Devi who was the daughter of Daksha had committed suicide by jumping into the ‘Yoga Agni’ (Yogic Fire) due to Daksha’s humiliation of her husband Lord Shiva. On hearing the news that Sati was no more, Lord Shiva became enraged and he created Veerabhadra and destroyed the Daksha’s Yajna. With the extreme dispassion Lord Shiva was in penance for many years. Sati was then reborn to Himavantha as “Parvathi”.  Narada had informed to Himavant that he had got AdiParashakti as his daughter. Narada convinced Himavanta that Adhiparasakthi has to serve Lord Shiva, who was in Penance then.

On the other hand, Tarakasura's misdeeds worsened and tormented the deities, who then complained to Lord Brahma when they could not bear the torments of Tarakasura anymore Lord Brahma informed to them that only a person born to Shiva and Parvati can kill the Tarakasura. Lord Bramha told the deities to make efforts such that Shiva should marry Parvati. When Parvati was doing service to Lord Shiva, Manmadha had tried to shoot his cupid arrow on Lord Shiva at the behest of Indra, that cupid arrow shook’s Shiva's heart a little bit. After realizing the reason for palpitations in his heart, Lord Shiva got angry on Manmadha and burnt him to ashes by opening his third eye.

Chitrakarma "Ganapati" who was one of the leaders of Rudraganas made a doll with the ash of Manmadha and went to Lord shiva to show that doll. The doll came to life and became Bhandasura,  from that remaining Ash Vishukra and Vishanga were also born together with crores of Asuras. Bhandasura grew up and became a mighty man with the help of the Rakshasa(demons) guru Shukracharya and built a city called Shonitapuram (Sunyaka pattanam) on the Mahendragiri mountains and became the king of that city with the blessings of Lord Shiva. Bhandasura then called his followers Vishukra and Vishanga for a meeting and conveyed to them that it was very difficult to win over the deities and told them that they should assume a form of air and enter the bodies of the deities  and destroy them by shriveling up. Visukra and Vishanga began  the journey to destroy the people living in all the three worlds. They drained the mental strength and passion of all the people including Bramha, Vishnu and Maheswara. The situation in the other worlds was also same, Peoples reproduction cycle had completely stopped and their power got waned. By seeing the situations all the Deities were frightened and approached Brahma for advice then Brahma and the deities went to Lord Vishnu for seeking help. Then Vishnu told them that there is only one person who can save them from this situation and he is none other than "MahaShambhu".

Then all of them went outside of this Universe and prayed to Mahashambhu. MahaShambhu manifested in front of them and said to them  that only Lalitha devi who resides beyond several universes can save them from this situation, but Yagna(fire sacrifice) has to be performed in order to please her and also explained the procedure of the Yagna. Then the deities requested Mahashambhu to lead the yagna as a main priest, he gladly accepted the request of the deities. In order to perform the yagna without Bhandasura noticing it, MahaShambhu ordered Narayana to create Mahamaya (illusion) to make Bhandasura so infatuated that he indulge only in materialistic pleasures. Maha Shambhu then dried up seven seas and arranged a homa kund, lit the "Chidagni" (the fire of consciousness) in the homa kund and started the Yagna with Vedic mantras. As The flame was rising sky high, all the deities had offered their bodies to the yagna as an oblation. Without any interruption the Yagna was completed successfully. Shining brightly with a light of millions of suns, sitting on the throne in the chariot called Chakra Raja Ratha, holding Pasha (noose), Ankusha (elephant goad), arrows of flowers and sugarcane bow in her four hands. like a  light of the rising sun, aged sixteen with eternal youth, Lalita Devi manifested with a magnificent splendor from the "Chidagnigundam".  Mother Lalitha had given lifes to all deities who lost their lifes by offering the bodies in  in homa kund. Then Bramha and the deities praised Parashakti.

Bala Tripura Sundari originated from Mother Laitha’s heart, Raja Shyamala originated from Mother Lalitha’s intellectual power, Varahi originated form Mother Lalitha’s action power. Sampatkari originated from the weapon Ankusham (elephant goad) of mother Lalitha and sits on a large elephant called Ranakolaham. Ashwarooda originated from Mother Lalitha’s weapon Pasham (noose) and sits on the horse called Aparajita. As Lalitha Devi hummed with rage, 64000000 Yoginis and Bhairavas were born from that hum sound. Whilst  Bramha was thinking that it was now the time for Lalita Devi to get married and sit on the throne, Lord Parameshwara changed his form and appeared as Maha Kameshwar infront of Mother Lalitha. Realizing that Maha Kameshwar was the perfect bridegroom for Devi Lalita, all the deities prayed Parashakti to marry Maha kameshwara. Then Lalitha devi and maha kameshwar looked at and got attracted to each other, Devi Lalita threw the garland in her hand towards the sky and it fell on Maha Kameshwar's neck. Maha Kameshwara and Kameshwari got married.

The deities then presented their weapons and ornaments such as sugarcane bow by deities, arrows made with flowers by Vishnu, Pasha by Varuna, Ankusa by Vishwakarma, a Crown by Agni, Karnabarana by Surya, Chintamani by Kubera, Chatra by Lakshmi Devi, Vinjamaras by Chandra and Viman named Kusumakaram by Brahma to Maha kameshwari and kameshwara. Mahakameshwari, the Parashakti, started creation with Lord Kameshwara. Her army was fully prepared to fight against the Bhandasura. With the quadrupeds, Goddess Lalita ascended the Srichakra Ratha holding a bow and arrows in her hands, Brahma and male deities were singing hymns, women deities were playing musical instruments. On the right hand side of Lalita Devi, Raja Shyamala Devi sat on the seven-storied chariot called GayaChakra,. on the left side Sri Maha Varahi sat on the five-storied chariot called Kirichakra. Ashwarooda sat on the horse "Aparajita" and lead the cavalry from the front side of the Lalitha devi’ army. Sampatkari sat on  a  large elephnat  called "Ranakolahalam" and lead the elephant corps from the back side. Mother Lalitha has given her ring and proclaimed Shyamala Devi as her chief minister. Therefore Shyamala Devi is called Mantrini and also she worshipped as Matangi in 9th Maha Vidya among the Dasa maha vidyas.  Shyamala devi’s Gayachakra has seven premises and she always rules us along with her precinct deities. Mother Lalitha has created a plough and a pestle weapons from her "Agna chakra" and bestowed to Varahi and crowned her as a commander in chief, Varahi is the action power of Lalitha.

The war has started, Bhandasura ordered his troops to capture Lalita Devi alive and bring her infornt of him. Durmadha confronted Sampatkari with his army and knocked the diamond from Sampatkari's crown, at which the enraged Sampatkari killed Durmadha. Chandi devi in Sampatkari army killed Kurandaka. Angered by this, Bhandasura sent the army of 100 Akshauhinies and five generals in to  the battlefield. the five generals created an army of snakes with their magic to fight against the Lalitha devi's army. Nakuleshwari Devi with her mongoose army killed the five generals and their army. Bhandasura identified that the back side forces of Lalitha devi were not as strong as front side forces, he ordered his army to attack from the backend side. Lalita Devi's Vinjamara was broken by Vishanga's sudden blow from behind with a weapon called Vipatavama and Kutilaksha has also attacked simultaneously from the front side. By seeing the attacks, Kameshwari Devi and other deities approached Lalita Devi and prayed to her that the nityadevatas Vahnivasini and Jwalamalini should show their power of self-brightness and illuminations on to the daemons in the darkness  so that they come to the light. With the permission of Mother Lalitha, Vahnivasini flames were lit like fire pits by which all the demons came to light and were slained by Lalitha Devi's Shodasa nitya devatas, from whom the injured Vishanga fleed. Shyamaladevi, Varahidevi had strengthened their army so that such a mistake did not happen again. Mother Lalitha said to Goddess Jwalamalini that, "You are the form of fire" and asked her to set up a great wall of fire around the her army for their protection. A fire rampart was set up at Mother Lalitha's command. Bhandasura sent his 30 sons to the battlefield. Knowing that Bhandasura's sons had entered the battlefield, Bala Tripura Sundari requested mother Lalitha to give her permission to face them. Initially Mother Lalitha refused, but then she was unable to deny because of her daughter's enthusiasm and she agreed. Bala sat in a chariot called "Karni", driven by one hundred swans. Shyamala and Varahi stood as bodyguards as bala left for the battlefield. Everyone was amazed to see the fierce fight of Bala with the sons of Bhandasura. Bala devi had killed all 30 sons of Bhandasura simultaneously and by seeing the battle of bala, Mother Lalitha hugged her with joy. Bhandasura ordered  Visukra to install the Jaya Vighna Sila Yantra at enemy's place. Vishukra set out towards enemy’s place and composed the Yantra and threw the yantra on enemy’s place. Due to the effect of that yantra, Lalitha Devi’s army were disturbed, they started arguing with each other as to why they should fight for Lalitha and who was she to command them. That strange intoxication of ignorance has consumed them. But the yantra did not show its effect on Shyamala and Varahi, so they both understands the behavior of the army and approached Lalita Devi to help them from that situation. Then the goddess “Maha kameshwari” (Lalitha Maha Tripura Sundari) lovingly smiled looking at lord “Maha Kameshwara”. Their two gazes were in the rhythm with each other. In that blissful state a splendors  beam of light emerged with in their gazes. That beam of light then descended into a divine form and emerged as Sri Vallabha Ganapati. As per the order of Mother Lalitha, Ganapati destroyed the "Jayavighnashilayantra". Then lalitha's army came out from the effect of that yantra and prepared again to fight. Maha Ganapati with his ganas and army set out to fight Vishukra, Vishukra sent Gajasura to fight against Maha Ganapati, seeing Mahaganapati killed Gajasura, Vishukra fleed from the battlefield.